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Wedding editing packages - from £175

We can edit your footage.  If  your wedding was filmed but never edited or you have a collection of footage which never made it to the edit suite - we may be able to help you. For a very cost effective charge we can take all your footage and edit it into a montage of the day for you to enjoy.

From just £175. We will take your footage, digitise it into our Avid professional editing system and edit a 30 minute montage of your special day. You simply supply us with 7 of your favourite audio tracks and we will buy them and then edit your footage to this music.

Titles. We will put your chosen titles on the front, end and middle if you like and make a complete edited version of your wedding. We will supply you with a master DVD copy and then 5 extra copies - all from just £175.

Contact us now to discuss this service


All your footage digitised into our editing system

7 audio tracks

A master professionally edited
Master DVD with chapters

5 DVD copies


Professional editing on your wedding footage

Do you have old wedding video tapes from your wedding day and never got them edited? Do you have loads of footage that makes it painful to watch!  Lots of feet, and boring bits you wished you’d edited out years ago?

Let us take your footage and edit you a video master and make it look like yesterday!

Why not surprise your husband or wife with a fantastic video of your wedding. We will professionally edit your footage, to the audio tracks you choose. We will then deliver it on DVD for you to relive those special memories.

All from just £175

editing service for wedding video Editing pacakge for wedding footage

See some examples of a recent edited video

Let us edit your Wedding footage

Clare, Hertfordshire

‘Copy My Tapes did a great job pulling together my wedding DVD. We lost some of our footage so had to supplement it with photo montages, which they designed really thoughtfully. We were able to add our own music to personalise the photo montages, which made it extra special. They also managed to make the best of the few video clips that we had, including putting together a very professional-looking video of our first dance (with shots cut together from two different angles). Overall I am really pleased with the result and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.’

Rachel, Beckenham, Kent

‘We had our wedding filmed by a family friend! The worse mistake ever! I gave Jason and his team all the video and left it with them to try and make a wedding video. When we received the dvd back, we were amazed at what he had put together. We can now see why a professional editor is called a professional! Brilliant, I wish you had filmed our wedding’


We can edit, add titles, add music tracks to your existing videos


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